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Customer Owned Banking

Credit Union's, like WAW, are owned by the people who borrow, save and invest with them.

Customer Owned Banking

Customer Owned Banking

WAW is a customer owned financial institution that has been serving North East Victoria and Southern New South Wales since 1956. When you open an account with a credit union you automatically become a part owner of the organisation.

Customers are able to access all the same types of products and services as those offered by the major banks but generally at more favourable interest rates. This is because we don't need to return profits to shareholders but instead make decisions that are in the best interest of our customers and can reinvest more of our profits back through to them.

Community Support

By banking with WAW you are also directly contributing toward locally-based community initiatives that build important social, educational, environmental and health programs in your region.

Challenge your thinking on what banking is. Explore our website to see how WAW can work with you to help you meet your financial goals.

If you require any further information we would be pleased to help. You can contact your nearest Customer Service Centre or call our WAW Contact Centre on 1300 368 555.