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Hardship Assistance

Hardship Assistance Information

Hardship Assistance

WAW Is committed to responding to requests for assistance during periods of financial hardship and resolving disputes in a prompt and efficient manner.

Hardship Assistance

Supporting borrowers who are experiencing financial hardship is an important part of WAW Credit Union's responsibility to its customers.

Financial hardship may be caused by life changes such as family break-up, death of a spouse, workplace injury, unemployment, or serious illness.

If you are experiencing or expect to experience financial hardship in the near future, WAW encourages you to contact us as soon as possible to discuss your circumstances. This can be done by:

  • Contacting your local Service Centre in person, by phone or in writing; or
  • Contacting the Financial Hardship Department at or via phone on 1300 368 555.

WAW offers several options to assist you during your period of financial hardship, including:

  • Extending the period of the loan contract and reducing the amount of each repayment due under the contract accordingly;
  • Postponing repayments during a specific period of dates on which payments are due under the contract; or
  • Extending the period of the contract and postponing, during a specific period, the dates on which payments are due under the contract.

WAW will consider each customer's circumstances on an individual basis, with a view to assisting people through a period of temporary financial hardship. Customers who apply for assistance during a period of temporary financial hardship will need to:

  • Make a written or oral request for WAW Credit Union to consider their personal situation;
  • Assist WAW Credit Union staff in updating our records with a current Statement of Financial Position. This is an important part of our assessment process and can be undertaken at your local Service Centre or by calling 1300 368 555.

WAW will provide written feedback to hardship assistance applicants within 21 days of receipt of the information needed to complete the hardship assistance application assessment. WAW will work with you through this period of difficulty, but if you are ultimately unhappy with this process you have the right to contact the Australian Financial Complaints Authority to discuss your options: phone 1800 931 678 or email


Internal Dispute Resolution

WAW Credit Union has an internal process for handling complaints in relation to the products and services we issue. We also belong to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority which is an External Disputes Resolution Scheme that is approved by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, to which you can take any unresolved complaint against us (if the dispute is within the Scheme's terms of reference).

WAW is committed to responding to complaints and disputes in a way that is prompt and efficient, consistent with the law and applicable industry codes (including the Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice), and is fair to everyone.

Download our Internal Dispute Resolution Procedures.