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View the guidelines we follow in the review and processing of each application fairly.


WAW Sponsorship Guidelines

WAW reviews each application individually to assess its funding suitability. To assist with processing each application fairly, we adhere to the following guidelines when considering new or renewing existing sponsorship opportunities.

WAW will only pursue sponsorship opportunities that clearly enhance the organisation by delivering:

• strong engagement opportunities, enabling WAW to connect with its communities, staff and customers in a meaningful and relevant way
• positive enhancement of the WAW brand by demonstrating core brand values
• clearly defined benefits to the community.

We look favourably upon interest groups that:

• are located in communities where WAW has a branch or community presence
• have a current banking relationship with WAW
• are aligned to one of our key community pillars of health and wellbeing, arts and culture or environment and sustainability.

WAW does not sponsor individuals. Interest groups that will not be considered for sponsorship by WAW include those that:

• have an alignment to political or religious groups
• are activities that are a direct responsibility of / funded by government
• could be constructed as discriminatory
• promote or encourage gambling, smoking, alcohol or any substance abuse
• could be detrimental to public health and safety
• represent a conflict of interest for WAW.

In return for sponsorship, WAW expects those interest groups we support will:

• not seek funding from other financial institutions
• correctly display WAW branding in all promotional material
• allow opportunity to display signage and/or promote our brand via advertising
• provide copies of promotional material where our brand is printed
• promote WAW in a positive manner
• allow WAW to promote its support of your group/event via our social and digital
channels, with access to your event and/or staff if required.

Your application should include a completed online community sponsorship request form. Please allow a minimum of 30 days for your request to be processed.  

Download a copy of the WAW Sponsorship Guidelines.