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View the guidelines we follow in the review and processing of each application fairly.


Our Sponsorship Guidelines

WAW reviews each application individually to assess its funding suitability.

Whilst WAW supports a wide range of sponsorships, we will not support requests for political or religious activities, individuals, activities that are the direct responsibility of government, any group that represents a conflict of interest for WAW, or where funding is for organisation operating costs and salaries.

To assist with processing each application fairly, the following guidelines have been developed. Please take these guidelines into consideration when preparing your application. Click here to download a copy of our sponsorship guidelines.

When assessing each request WAW looks favourably upon the following event / club attributes:

  • It is located within one of our service areas.
  • It fits within one or more of WAW’s 4BL Business Policies of Financial Reliability, Environmental Responsibility, Community Support and Member Mutuality.
  • It has clearly defined benefits to the community.
  • Any funds provided will be spent with businesses within the local community.
  • Offers opportunities for WAW Staff to participate attend or contribute as volunteers.
  • Group currently has membership with WAW Credit Union.
  • There is potential to establish or build a banking relationship through the sponsorship.
  • It provides support in the following categories: education, health, social, environment, arts and culture or sport.

In return for sponsorship WAW expects those groups that we support will:

  • Not seek funding from other financial institutions.
  • Allow opportunity to display signage or promote our brand though advertising.
  • Provide written acknowledgement of our support.
  • Where possible, provide a photo from the event or group sponsorship
  • Possess and maintain a high level of professionalism in running the event
  • Correctly use WAW branding in all promotional materials.
  • Provide copies of promotional materials with which our brand name is printed
  • Promote WAW in a positive manner.

Your application will need to include a completed online community sponsorship request application form. You should allow a minimum of 30 days for your request to be processed.