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Bank Transaction Feeds

Bank Transaction Feeds helping business owners.

Bank Transaction Feeds

Bank (Transaction) Feeds Helping Business Owners 

Automated account transaction feeds, commonly known as bank feeds, have revolutionised accounting practices for small business.

WAW recently finalised the necessary agreements and processes to allow customer account information to be sent securely to Xero, which is then directly accessible by their accountant if they subscribe to Xero software. While WAW has recently finalised agreements with Xero, automated data feeds have been in place for many years with our good friends at Banklink, who have recently joined forces with MYOB to offer some exciting new cloud-based accounting software solutions.

Bank feeds can eliminate most of the manual data entry and invoice management required to operate a successful small business and help keep business owners on top of their day to day cash flow.

To find out more about automatic account feeds for either of these accounting programs, visit their websites; or