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Trades Package

Insurance that provides trades occupations with a range of risk protection in one policy.

Trades Package

Trade Insurance Package

QBE’s Trades Package combines 3 sections that provide trades occupations with a range of risk protection in one policy. Trades Package provides financial protection against an array of insured events.

Product coverage

  • Property
  • General property
    • Cover Option A – Fire, theft, collision and other expressed perils
    • Cover Option B – Accidental damage (Standard cover)
  • Broadform liability.

Within these sections, the policy includes a number of significant automatic additional benefits:

  • Theft – the lesser of $10,000 or 20% of the sum insured for contents
  • Money up to $1,000
  • Glass - replacement value
  • Glass Additional Benefits up to $1,000 or amount in the schedule whichever is greater. Eg. Shuttering and sign writing etc.
  • Capital additions up to 10% of the buildings sum insured
  • Replacement of locks up to $1,000
  • Re-writing of records up to $10,000
  • Removal of debris up to $5,000
  • Outstanding debts up to $10,000
  • Additional increased cost of working up to $10,000
  • Fire extinguishment costs up to $5,000
  • Temporary Protection up to 5% of the building sum insured
  • Care Custody and Control up to $250,000
  • Reinstatement and replacement as basis of settlement

Optional extensions

  • Motor trade – excluding testing and delivery
  • Motor trade – including testing and delivery
  • Motor trade – faulty workmanship
  • Motor trade – inspection reports and certificates
    • Personal injury and property damage
  • Motor trade – inspection reports and certificates
    • Financial losses only

QBE Trades Package

  • Property, General Property and Liability
  • Accidental damage cover standard for General Property with the option of Defined Events cover for a reduced premium
  • Care, custody and control – Up to $250,000 automatically
  • Motor Trade extensions

Easy to arrange, simple to claim

The convenience of having Trades Package Insurance under the same roof as your financial services isn’t the only way we make life easier.

From making your application to making a claim, WAW ensures things are as straight forward as possible.

You can apply online, by phone on 1300 368 555, or at any WAW Service Centre. Flexible payment options include fortnightly, monthly or annual direct debit or credit card payments (excluding Diners Club).

If you do need to make a claim, we won’t make you wade through paperwork. QBE have a 24-hour emergency claims number, and in most cases, you need just provide details over the phone.

WAW may receive commission on the sale of this product, please refer to our Financial Services Guide for more details.