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The WAW rediCARD is our simplest account access card.



The WAW rediCARD is our simplest account access card. There is no annual fee and it provides convenient access to your funds via ATM and EFTPOS networks around Australia.

There is no cost to obtain a rediCard, no ongoing annual fee and, when used in conjunction with our fee-free transaction options, can provide fee-free banking.

RediCard to VISA Debit Card migration

WAW credit Union will no longer be issuing rediCards and thus, we are converting our customers who have rediCards onto VISA Debit Cards over a period of 2 years. VISA Debit Cards will now be the only Debit Cards issued by WAW Credit Union. Your current RediCard will still work until it's it's expiry date imprinted onto the card.

Please read the terms and conditions for the conversion process here. The full product description of the RediCards and VISA Debit Cards can be read here.

For more information on VISA Debit Cards, please visit our VISA Debit Card webpage here.

For more information on the VISA Debit Card migration, please contact your nearest WAW Customer Service Centre or call our customer service team on 1300 368 555.


Choosing the Right Card

If you're not sure if the rediCARD is what you need, then you might like to consider our Visa Debit card or our My Card MasterCard products.