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eSaver Account

At call internet access to your savings and with a high rate of interest.

eSaver Account

eSaver Account

The WAW eSaver account is perfect for people looking for the convenience of at-call Internet access to their funds but also a high rate of interest.

This account is only available for individuals rather than businesses and superannuation accounts, however the Club & Society eSaver account is available for eligible community and sporting groups.

  • High yield interest rate paid on whole of account balance if $5,001+ is maintained in the account*
  • Interest calculated daily and paid monthly
  • WAW Internet Banking and WAW Phone Banking access available 24 hours a day
  • Direct crediting (for payroll credits) and regular transfers to account available
  • BPAY
  • Funds are on call.
  • No minimum monthly balance to keep account active
  • Access to BPAY payment facilities direct from account
  • Part of WAW Customer Benefit Program

Fees and charges may apply to other services not listed. Customers must link the eSaver account to another, on call savings account facility.

*For account balances $5,000 or less the interest rate reverts to 0.01%.

Up to $4,999.99 0.01%
$5,000 and over 1.00%

Interest paid on full account balance

Download our Deposit Interest Rate Schedule here

Transaction type   Cost
Personal Cheque Processing  

Per cheque

Over-the-Counter Deposits    
  S21 eAccess A/c $0.75
  S3 Business A/c first 2 in any month free, then $0.75
  All other Accounts Nil
Over-the-Counter Cash Withdrawals S21 eAccess A/c   $2.00
  All other accounts first 3 in any month free, then $2.00
Direct Debits Per Transaction $0.40
BPAY Per Transaction $0.40
WAW Internet Banking All transactions (excluding BPAY) Nil
WAW Phone Banking All transactions (excluding BPAY) Nil
VISA Card Usage Fees and charges are calculated on the combined transaction total in any month per membership using VISA Card
Eftpos transactions First 2 transactions in any month Nil
  Subsequent transactions in any month $0.60
rediATM transactions First 3 transactions in any month Nil
  Subsequent transactions in any month $1.00
  Enquiry / Decline $0.60
Non-rediATM Transactions Withdrawals $0.20
  Declined Transactions $0.60
NOTE: Non- rediATM transactions may also attract direct charges levied by the owner of the ATM.

Download our Transaction Fees and Charges Schedule here

How To Apply

If you are interested in opening this savings account please fill out our online enquiry form and one of dedicated accounts staff will contact you on the details you provide so we can further the application process. We will need your name, contact details and the product you are interested in taking out, we can help you do the rest.  

Alternatively, you can contact us on 1300 368 555 and ask to speak to one of our savings account specialists.

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