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The WAW rediCARD is our simplest account access card.



The WAW rediCARD is our simplest account access card. There is no annual fee and it provides convenient access to your funds via ATM and EFTPOS networks around Australia.

There is no cost to have a rediCARD, no ongoing annual fee and, when used in conjunction with our fee-free transaction options, can provide fee-free banking.

For more information on transaction charges please download our Transaction Fees and Charges Schedule here.

rediCARD to be migrated to Visa Debit

EPAL (eftpos Payments Australian Limited) advised that from 1 April 2016, all new eftpos cards issued (for WAW this includes our rediCARD) must be embedded with microchip technology and facilitate contactless and potentially online transactions. This meant that our rediCARD would operate in a very similar way to our Visa Debit cards and thus duplicate an existing product.
As a result, effective from 1 March 2016, WAW has ceased issuing new rediCARDs meaning Visa Debit will now be the only account access card issued by WAW.
Customers will automatically be migrated to Visa Debit as their rediCARD's expire over the 2 year period to March 2018.  All current rediCARDs will continue to function until the imprinted card expiry date.

Click here for more information about the migration campaign or contact your nearest WAW Service Centre or call our customer service team on 1300 368 555.

MasterCard Credit Card

If you are after a credit card, find out about our My Card MasterCard product.