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Foreign Currency

Whether you want foreign currency for an overseas trip or to send an online telegraphic transfer, WAW can help.

Foreign Currency

Foreign Currency

WAW can offer you a comprehensive range of products and services to take care of all your foreign currency needs.

Travelling Overseas

When travelling overseas, it is recommended that you take more than one payment mechanism – some local cash, a Multi-currency MasterCard Cash Passport, and other credit or debit card. That way, if you have difficulty with any of your products you will have an alternative. We also suggest that you get your foreign currency before you travel as exchange rates at home are usually better than overseas.

Cash Passport MasterCard
is ideal for all major tourist destinations, overseas and in Australia, where there is an ATM network. You can load up to 10 different currencies on the one card making it easy if you are travelling from country to country. For full details visit

Foreign cash is an important addition to your Cash Passport Card. It is advisable to carry some local cash to cover taxis, tips etc. upon arrival overseas. Travelex regularly stocks over 35 foreign currencies.

Download our Cash Passport flyer here

Sending Money Overseas anytime, from anywhere.

WAW customers can now use WAW's Internet Banking to reliably and conveniently send money overseas to more than 200 countries and territories, in over 40 different currencies.
To make an International Telegraphic Transfer simply log into WAW Internet Banking, and go to the Services & Help tab.
The country specific information will guide you through your transfer from start to finish.
You will need to have full details of the receiver's bank account, including their International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and their full street address to complete the transfer.

A draft is a cheap, simple option for sending money abroad. Similar to a cheque, just let us know who the draft is to be made payable to, the amount of money you want to send, and the currency you want the draft in. You have the choice of over 24 currencies to select from. Your draft will normally be available next working day. You can then post it to the recipient overseas, and they deposit it into their bank account. If the draft goes missing, Western Union will put a stop on it and re-issue. If the funds are not needed urgently, a draft is normally your best money transfer option.

Download our Western Union Drafts PDS here.

Receiving Money From Overseas

Subject to acceptability, Western Union will convert foreign currency items into Australian dollars. If you receive a cheque from overseas or return from a trip with unused foreign currency you can exchange them into Australian dollars. Customers should note some fees will be incurred for foreign currency exchange. 

If funds are being sent to you from overseas an Inward Telegraphic Transfer using the SWIFT system will enable funds to be credited directly into your account. Any funds being transferred to Australia will need to be converted to Australian dollars before being sent.

To make the process of receiving funds from overseas even easier, simply complete this online Western Union Payment Instruction form. You will receive all the necessary information to supply to the payer to expedite the payment transfer.
Western Union Payment Instruction form

Click here to calculate how much you will be receiving or sending via Western Union based on the latest foreign currency exchange rates.

Click here to view the latest foreign currency exchange rates.

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