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Infolink Telephone Banking

Convenient 24 hour access to your accounts using telephone banking.

Infolink Telephone Banking

Infolink is an automated, telephone-based service that provides 24 hour access to your accounts. It allows you to check account balances, pay bills, transfer funds and review past transactions. To use the service you will need to be provided an access code. If you are not registered for Infolink or have forgotten your access code please call WAW Directlink on 1300 368 555.

Using Infolink:

Call 1300 361 766 and follow the voice prompts to enter your customer number and access code. The following are the key prompts available. To save time, these can be entered at any stage during you call:
  1. Account Balances
  2. Bill payment using BPAY
  3. Loans and Investment balances
  4. Review last 5 transactions
  5. Transfer funds between accounts
  6. Speak to a WAW loans officer
  7. Access another account number
  8. Other available services
  9. Speak to a WAW Customer Service Office