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Valet service

Our Valet Service is free and takes away the hassle of switching your accounts to WAW.

Valet service

Making switching banking services esay

Until now switching banking services providers was very complex. Now, since 1 July 2012, the Federal Government banking reforms has simplified the process. Even so, making the move still requires diligence to ensure everything happens smoothly. For this reason WAW introduced a Valet switching service.

If you to want to make the move but not sure where to start, either call WAW on 1300 668 555 or visit any WAW Service Centre. You will be provided a dedicated contact who handles the whole move for you. This includes opening the most appropriate type of account to suit your needs and transferring all your regular automatic credits and debits across. Where applicable, they will also assist in the refinancing of your existing loans.*

The WAW Valet Service is free and helps put you back in control of your banking. You probably won't even have to visit your old bank again.

*Any refinancing is subject to meeting standard WAW lending criteria.