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Frequently asked questions about our Netlink and Mobile banking services


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the WAW Service Centre opening hours?

Wodonga, Wangaratta, Myrtleford & Beechworth – Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm.
Albury & Lavington – Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm, Saturday 9.30am to 12.30pm
Corryong – Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm. Saturday 9.30am to 12.00 noon.
Chiltern & Yackandandah – Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm (closed 12.30 to 1.30 for lunch each day).
Tallangatta – Monday to Thursday 12.30pm to 5.00pm, Friday 9.30am to 5.00pm (closed Friday 1.30 to 2.30pm for lunch).
Walla Walla -  Monday to Thursday 12.30pm to 4.30pm, Friday 11.30am to 5.00pm (closed Friday 12.30 to 1.30 for lunch).
Walwa –Tuesday and Thursday 2.00pm to 5.00pm.  
Moulamein Business Centre – Monday to Friday 9.30am to 1.00pm.

For the location of each of the above, please visit our Service Centre locator.

How do I change my address details?

You can change your address details by visiting any WAW Service Centre during the hours listed above or by calling our WAW Contact Centre on 1300 368 555, from 8am until 6pm, Monday to Friday. Please note, before we can change your address we are required to identify you, so you will need to provide adequate identification.

How do I change my name?

You will need to visit a WAW Service Centre to change your name. Please note before we can change your address we are required to identify you, so you will need to provide adequate photographic identification. Please also bring any appropriate supporting documentation such as a marriage certificate with you.

How do I find out my account number(s)?

An easy way to find your account number is on your regular bank statements or a cheque book. You can also call our WAW Contact Centre on 1300 368 555 or visit any WAW Service Centre. Before we can give your account number we are required to identify you, so you will need to provide adequate identification. You can also view your account information by using our WAW Internet Banking service, which can be accessed 24 hours, 7 days per week.

What is a BSB?

A BSB (Bank State Branch) is a six digit number that identifies credit unions, banks and branches within Australia. You will need to include this number if transferring money between your accounts or to a third party.

What is the BSB number for WAW Credit Union accounts?

The BSB number for WAW Credit Union accounts is; 803070. The BSB number for WAW accounts can also be found on your bank statements, in your WAW Internet Banking account details, on the back of your VISA Debit card and in the dark grey footer on the bottom right hand side on this website. 

How do I cancel Future payments and Direct Debits?

  • A future payment is a transfer of funds at your request from your account on a regular basis.
  • To arrange a future payment, you must apply at one of our SCs or load it online via WAW Internet Banking.
  • The future payment will remain in force until:
    • We receive written notification from you of cancellation or variation of the authority; or
    • We receive written notice of death or bankruptcy of the account holder; or
    • We cancel the authority; or
    • You cancel the authority via WAW Internet Banking.
  • A fee will apply when a future payment has failed on 5 consecutive working days due to insufficient cleared funds in your account. This is considered a rejection.
  • If there are 3 consecutive rejections, your future payment authority will be cancelled and you will be notified in writing.
  • When we make your future payment, we are not acting as your agent or the agent of the payee.
  • If a future payment is for a loan with us and there are insufficient funds to make the payment, we may debit your account at any time for the amount you owe to us.
  • A direct debit transaction is a transfer of funds from your account to an account with another institution e.g. Rates, utilities, etc, when you have authorised that organisation to debit your account.
  • A direct debit must be arranged with the organisation that is to receive the direct debit payment by completing their authorisation form.
  • You must check with WAW as to which account can have a direct debit or future payment deduction.
  • We may decide not to make a future payment or direct debit if there are not sufficient cleared funds in the account on the date for the transfer of money.
  • We do not have to advise you if a future payment or direct debit is not made.
  • If you request more than one future payment or direct debit, we will determine the order in which they are paid.
  • A fee will apply when a future payment or direct debit is dishonoured.
  • To stop or alter a future payment or stop a direct debit, you must provide written instructions to us setting out full details of the future payment or direct debit at least three (3) business days before the next payment is to be made. You must also instruct the direct debit supplier to stop the direct debit without delay.

What is a SWIFT code?

A SWIFT code is a standard format of Bank Identifier Codes and it is a unique identification code for a particular bank or credit union. These codes are used when transferring money between banks or credit unions, particularly for international wire transfers and overseas transfers.

The terms SWIFT code, SWIFT number, Bank Identifier Codes (BIC) and IBAN (International Bank Account Number) are all the same type thing in that they identify each bank as a separate organisation. The different names used just depend on where you will be sending or receiving your funds.

How do I transfer funds using a SWIFT code?

The payee who is transferring money into your account using a SWIFT code must ensure the funds have been converted into Australian dollars prior to making the transaction.
They will need use the WAW SWIFT code: CUSCAU2SXXX//AU803070 and then your specific account number; preferably your alternate reference account number (if you do not already have an alternate account number please contact WAW Contact Centre on 1300 368 555), straight after the SWIFT code number (after the zero(0)), all in one line, with no spaces.

To transfer funds to a recipient, you will need to enter the SWIFT code of the receiving financial institution directly followed by your recipients account number, all in one line, with no spaces. 

You can get your recipients swift code by:

  • Asking the person or business you'd like to pay what their SWIFT code is.

  • Checking the SWIFT website (

Please keep in mind that you will need to use an IBAN for:

  • All Euro currency payments to Europe and the UK

  • Payments in any currency to Lebanon and Kuwait.

How do I order a bank statement?

You can order a bank statement from any WAW Service Centre or over the telephone by calling our WAW Contact Centre on 1300 368 555, from 8am until 6pm, Monday to Friday. Before we can order a bank statement and send it to you we are required to identify you, so you will need provide adequate identification.You can also order and access your personal bank statements via our WAW Internet Banking service. Fees and charges may apply.

How do I log into WAW Internet Banking?

To log into WAW Internet Banking, simply visit the WAW website Home page and click on the 'Internet Banking' tab in grey on the top right hand side, this will bring you to the WAW Internet Banking log in screen which can be accessed here. You then just need to enter in your customer number, your password, enter in your date of birth into the appropriate fields in the bottom left hand corner and then press the green 'log in' button. This will then bring you to your personal WAW Internet Banking home screen, which will have your own personal account details.  

Should you encounter any issues when trying to log into WAW Internet Banking please watch this instructional video on key functions and frequently used tasks for WAW Internet banking.

You can also read our WAW Internet Banking FAQs for any further questions.

Is Internet Banking secure?

We have placed the utmost importance in ensuring that your personal details, funds and account information remain secure from unauthorised access. WAW Credit Union employs banking industry standard 128-bit encryption of confidential data sent to and from this site to ensure that no information can be intercepted and read by others. Encryption scrambles the data that is sent on the line to stop people who may try to tap into or hack into Internet communications. The closed padlock on the bottom of the Internet Banking browser page indicates that the Internet Banking site is secure.

For more information on staying safe online, please visit our Online Security FAQ page.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact our WAW Contact Centre on 1300 368 555 or visit your nearest Service Centre.