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WAW Internet Banking FAQs

WAW Internet Banking FAQs

WAW Internet Banking FAQs

Forgotten Passwords

If you have forgotten your WAW Internet Banking password it will need to be reset. For security reasons, you are unable to reset passwords online. If you have forgotten your password you should call 1300 368 555 between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday. You will be required to answer some security questions before your password can be reset.

What is the difference between Mobile Banking and traditional Internet banking?

Mobile Banking provides you with access to the most popular Internet banking features. However, for services such as accessing your online statement or altering a future repayment, you will still need to access our WAW Internet Banking service.

What features of Internet banking are available in Mobile Banking?

With Mobile Banking, you can:
• Transfer funds to anyone in Australia
• Pay bills using BPAY, including setting up new billers
• View your address, phone number and e-mail address details
• View your available account balances, transactions and detailed transaction information.

Is Mobile Banking free?

Yes. Accessing Mobile Banking is free. However, standard mobile phone contract and mobile service charges will apply.

Is Mobile Banking secure?

Yes. Mobile Banking uses 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol encryption which is the same security and authentication as Internet banking.

What if my phone is lost or stolen?

If you believe your mobile phone may have stored personal data, please contact us on 1300 368 555 immediately.

Can I access Mobile Banking when overseas?

Yes; however, mobile roaming charges may apply. Contact your mobile service provider before accessing Mobile banking from outside Australia.

Can I access my account using Mobile Banking if my account requires 2 to sign?

No. Mobile Banking does not support the functionality to enable 2 to sign access. These accounts can only be accessed via WAW Internet Banking.

How do I transfer to other accounts using Mobile Banking?

To transfer to your account or another financial institution within Australia, select the ‘Transfer’ option. You can select your accounts, existing personal payees or pay a new recipient. If you’re paying a bill using a BPAY biller code and reference number, select the ‘BPAY’ option. You can select existing personal payees or pay a new biller.

How do I add or modify existing payee or biller details?

To delete or make changes to an existing payee or biller, you will need to log into WAW Internet Banking.

Can I make future dated payments?

Yes. Future dated payments can be made once only or as a recurring payment. Select either ‘Once only’ or ‘Recurring’ from the ‘Transfer Money’ or ‘Pay Bill’ pages in Mobile Banking.

How do I modify a recurring or future dated payment?

To delete or modify a recurring or future dated payment, you will need to log into WAW Internet Banking.

What does the processing screen mean?

The processing screen will display after you make a selection in Mobile Banking. While this screen is displayed, your request is loading in the background.

How do I print receipts using Mobile Banking?

iPhone and iPod Touch devices do not allow printing. To save a screen shot of your payment receipt screen to your Camera Roll, simply press the menu and the on/off buttons simultaneously.


If you require any further information about WAW Internet Banking we would be pleased to help. You can contact your nearest Customer Service Centre or call our WAW Contact Centre on 1300 368 555.